Mark Langfan's 3-Dimensional Israel Map:

The "Helicopter Israel 'West Bank' Briefing" without the Helicopter


In 1991, Mr. Langfan created a 3 dimensional topographic raised-relief map system of Israel.  Viewing the 3D Israel map one can easily and quickly be informed of many of the

underlying resource and security issues involved in the Arab-Israeli conflict such as West Bank water resources and Israeli ‘defensible’ borders. 

Over the past 20 years, Mr. Langfan has briefed many congressional and Senate offices, the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Israel Desk, and the New York Times Editorial Board using his

topographic map of Israel.  See this Jerusalem Post dated April 3, 1993,  Mark wrote and published seminal articles

concerning the Israeli/Middle East region including the 1992 “Demilitarization Risks,”, warning of future Palestinian Katyusha rocket

barrages from vacated Israeli territory, the 1995 “US Troops on Golan Quicksand,”, warning of the unique topographic dangers of

deploying US Troops to the Golan Heights, and the 2006 “Iran: The 4th Reichastan,” Reichastan.html, exposing the Iranian arming of Iraqi Insurgents against

US forces, and of Iran’s other regional and strategic goals.

Mr. Langfan’s Israel topographic map system facilitates policy makers an actual scientifically exact topographic chess board on which to understand and game out various options for

peace and to better understand the “code” in which Middle Eastern leaders actually talk.  Terms such as “Settlement blocks,” “Jordan Valley,” “contiguity” and the “Mountains of the

Golan Heights” will become crystal clear and easily understandable.   Without having to wear helicopter ear protectors, one will be able to survey the mountains and valleys of the West

Bank, Lebanon, and Golan Heights.  And furthermore, one will quickly understand exactly the “what’s”, the “why’s”, and the “how’s” of the current Middle East negotiations constantly

dominating the news.   Even those interested parties who have visited Israel and received numerous security briefings, will find the 3D Israel map an enriching, enlightening, and valua

ble policy learning experience.